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    Quartz Mask
    Quartz Mask is based on highly pure quartz glass, which has such advantages as a high transmission rate, high flatness, low coefficient of expansion.. It is usually applied to high-precision mask products. Quartz Mask is mainly applied in the field of semiconductor, including Analog ICs, various discrete devices, MEMS, and FPD.
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    Soda Mask
    Soda Mask uses soda glass as the substrate material. The thermal expansion rate of soda glass is relatively higher than quartz glass, the flatness and wear resistance is relatively weaker, while cost is relatively lower. Soda Mask is usually applied to low and medium-precision masks, including mid-and low-end semiconductor.
Shenzhen Longtu Photomask Co., Ltd., also known as STARMASK, is a leading independent mask shop in the field of semiconductor industry in mainland China. Established in 2010, we have built our own core technology in the last ten years. STARMASK has been constantly focusing on the design, production, and sales of semiconductor masks. We follow the development route of domestic semiconductor manufacturers and continuously carry out technical research and product iteration. Based on the excellent technology team as well as manufacturing solutions, we can provide masks from 1μm to 130nm for the semiconductor industry.
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We can tackle key technologies, keep pace with the evolution of the semiconductor process, and constantly carry out technological iteration.We will adhere to the development strategy of the state for the semiconductor industry, focusing on the field of high-end semiconductor chips, and continuously increase investment in R&D, gradually realize the mass production and localization of products with 90nm, 65nm, and higher nodes.
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We adhere to the core values of serving customers, accuracy and truthfulness, integrity, continuous innovation, and people-oriented. We work hard in the field of mask manufacturing, aim to achieve a win-win situation with customers. We are determined to become a leading and world-renowned semiconductor mask shop through efficient management, top technology and equipment, and the joint efforts of all employees.
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